In-Service Degree

Once you’ve qualified at A-level or equivalent, you’ll be able to start your career as an officer in our Medical, Aviation, Warfare or Logistics branches at the same time as studying for a foundation degree.

How does it work?

If you’ve finished sixth form or college and have your sights on a Royal Navy Officer career, you can get a fully-funded foundation degree at the same time as earning a salary. That means you get all the qualifications you need, without any student debt.

From the day you join, you’ll be getting the practical, hands-on experience that it takes years to gain as a civilian. There’s also the opportunity to self-study and get funding towards a BA or BSc Hons degree as your career progresses.

What are my options?

Maritime studies

Join as a Warfare, Hydrographic and Meteorology, or Logistics Officer and get a foundation degree in maritime studies or maritime science from Plymouth University as soon as you complete phase two training.

You’ll be earning a full officer salary from the day you qualify. At this point, you’ll be able to enrol on the Route to Honours programme, which leads to a fully-funded BSc Hons degree.

Military aviation studies

Join as an Aircrew Officer and you’ll get a foundation degree in military aviation studies from the Open University. You’ll then complete your flying training at the Military Aviation Academy.

You’ll be on a full salary while you study and have no tuition fees to pay. Once you’ve achieved your foundation degree, you then have the option to self-study to achieve the further credits you need for a fully-funded BA Hons or BSc Hons degree.

Medical qualifications

There are seven roles within our Medical branch, which allow you to get paid to study right up to degree level. These roles are:

  •  Naval Nurse (Student)
  • Naval Nurse Mental Health (Student)
  • MT Biomedical Scientist (Student)
  • MT Radiographer (Student)
  • MT Operating Department Practitioner (Student)

In most cases, you’ll earn a full salary throughout university, before completing your training in an NHS hospital. Find out more about each role and their requirements by using our role finder.

How do I apply?


Step 1

Choose a qualifying officer role from the Medical, Warfare, Logistics and Aviation branches of the Royal Navy

Find your role

Step 2

We’ll send you a link to a digital application form for you to complete


Step 3

Use the check box to indicate that you’re applying for a scholarship


Step 4

Submit your form. We’ll contact you when we’ve received it