Royal Marines Commonwealth Applicants

Royal Marines Commandos are among the most highly trained, elite amphibious soldiers on the planet. They tackle our most challenging operations, using their unique skills and the all-important state of mind that separates them from every other force. Now, if you’re a Commonwealth citizen, you could be one of them, even if you aren’t a UK resident.

To apply, you will need to hold a valid passport and meet the eligibility criteria for your chosen role. If you’re an overseas applicant, you need to be age 18 or over and have a Visa. If you live in the UK, you can apply from age 16 and will need a biometric residency card.

Interested? Read on to find out how you could be part of a team unlike any other and start a life that’s packed with adventure.

Royal Marines Commonwealth Applicants


National service

Flights to the UK

Unsuccessful application

Visa extension

AFCO travel expenses

Security clearance

Expired Passport

Swimming test

Joining the Royal Marines as a non-UK national


Bringing your family

Once you are a serving member of the Royal Marines, you are exempt from immigration controls.

That means you won’t need a visa to stay in the UK as long as you remain in service. This is the case from the day you start training.

Normal immigration rules will still apply to your family, so they could need a visa to visit the UK and may only be able to stay for a limited period of time. It's also important that your family meet the minimum English language requirements.  


Minimum income requirements

If you want to bring your family to the UK, you’ll need to meet minimum income requirements, which vary based on your family circumstances.

  • £18,600 gross salary needed to bring a partner
  • £22,400 to bring a partner and a child
  • +£2,400 for each additional child
  • £16,000 savings over this amount can count
  • £18,489 a rating starting salary after training

Visa costs

Once you meet the minimum income requirements, you will need to pay the appropriate visa costs. These include:

  • £1,532 per dependent for a five-year visa
  • £2,389 per dependent to permanently settle in the UK (2018/19) after five years of residency
  • £1,330 per dependent to gain UK citizenship by naturalisation (2018/19) after 12 months of holding permanent settlement

The Royal Marines cannot help you with any of these visa costs. Remember, choosing to settle permanently in the UK is entirely voluntary and is not a requirement. 

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