HMS Bangor (M109)

HMS Bangor is one of seven Sandown-class Mine Counter-Measures Vessels (MCMV) in the Royal Navy. With a complement of 39 personnel, including Mine Warfare Specialists and Mine Clearance Divers, it is based at Clyde Naval Base in Faslane, Scotland.

HMS Bangor (M109) is currently on deployment

Faslane Patrol Boat Squadron


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During early 2014 HMS Bangor underwent a major refit period in Rosyth, which included the installation of 3 new, ‘first of Class’ Diesel Generators.  She returned to sea in June 2014 with a new crew, MCM1 Crew 8, who will stay with the Ship until December 2015.  Bangor returned to her base port of Faslane in July after over 6 months away and after successful completing sea and safety trials. 

In 2015 HMS Bangor deployed to the Gulf where she is still currently deployed. 
She has taken part in a number of joint US-UK exercises. In support of wider British efforts in the region, minehunters are providing the capability to conduct route survey, sea-bed clearance, and mine clearance operations all over the Gulf. 

Facts & figures

Facts & figures

2,500 nautical miles +

Total range

52.5 metres

Total length 

3.4 metres

Width (beam) at widest point

Our skills

Our skills

The personnel of HMS Bangor are highly trained experts who specialise in mine disposal. Their many skills include:

  • Ordnance detection
  • Ordnance destruction
  • Diving
  • Operation of unmanned vehicles
  • Operation of sonar
  • Route surveying
  • Seabed clearance

Our operations

Current operation

Faslane Patrol Boat Squadron


Providing essential protection in and around Faslane to safeguard Britain's nuclear fleet.

Our base

Our base

Commanding Officer

Commander Will Blackett

Commander Will Blackett joined the Royal Navy in 2001. Previous commands include HMS Grimsby and HMS Bangor before taking command of HMS Lancaster in December 2019.


HMS Bangor's role

HMS Bangor is one of the Royal Navy’s seven Sandown-Class Mine Counter-Measures Vessels. Its primary responsibility is to seek out, detect and destroy mines, using the SeaFox unmanned underwater vehicle and a team of highly skilled Mine Clearance Divers.

Its play an important role in protecting the security and prosperity of our nation. By keeping global trade routes safe, HMS Bangor helps secure the UK’s access to fuel, energy and consumer goods such as cars and clothing. 


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After more than 12 months away in refit at Rosyth we are finally back at baseport @HMNBClyde! @RNinScotland