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Situated in Cambridge and serving universities across East Anglia, University Royal Naval Unit Cambridge (URNU Cambridge) offers members the chance to learn new skills, meet others, enjoy social events, strengthen leadership skills, experience time at sea and undertake adventurous training such as offshore sailing.

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OC Kamakshi's Story

“The URNU has provided things I never thought I'd be able to experience. On a recent deployment to the Baltic we had plenty of training such as helmsmanship, navigation, fire exercises and delivering harbour briefs. I was pleasantly surprised and embraced the opportunity to be able to handle the ropes and drive the Ship! It was great being able to meet other OCs and share our varying experiences. Furthermore, I had a really great time exploring different cities and their cultures.

Throughout the trip, I found myself thinking (multiple times) how I would've never had this kind opportunity without the URNU; to meet a group of strangers and just share such a unique experience with them.
I think this trip has taught me a lot about myself. Firstly it has confirmed my desire to join the RN. I've seen the values we aim for and uphold in the URNU being upheld in the RN. I've also learnt that I have good leadership skills even in difficult situations.”

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