One of our biggest priorities is providing high quality, convenient and flexible accommodation for Service personnel and their families. To do this effectively, we offer three different types of accommodation: Single Living Accommodation, Service Family Accommodation and Short-Term Family Accommodation.

Talk to us

If you need to speak with someone and you are not sure who this should be please contact the NS FPS Portal who will assess your requirements and provide support around you individual needs. You can get in contact by email using the telephone number below.

Help and Support

If you need practical advice on all aspects of Royal Navy life, as well as the latest information about deployed units, you can sign up to the Royal Navy Forum or contact our Welfare Information Support Team.

In need of personal advice and support?

If you live on or near a major Naval base, you can get support by visiting its Welfare Office. If not, call our dedicated team on 02392 728 777 or 0800 145 6088.

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Join the community

Having the support of peers, colleagues and like-minded people all over the world can help you deal with the unique challenges of Royal Navy life.

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