Take centre stage, on the world stage

What is the Royal Marines Band Service?

  • The Royal Marines Band Service is regarded as one of the world’s most versatile military musical organisations, providing the Naval Service, Defence and the State with musical and ceremonial excellence that underpins the fabric of the nation, Service ethos and national core values.
  • You’ll be playing a key role in UK Defence and economic engagement, working with our international partners and performing for important dignitaries at home and all over the world.
  • You’ll also support the wider Royal Navy and 3 Commando Brigade by providing a vital range of operational and logistical roles.
  • The role of the Royal Marines Band Service is a varied one. Not every event is a parade, which is why we have talented musicians who can perform in every musical combination from a small jazz group to a full symphony orchestra.
  • There are two different roles available within the Royal Marines Band Service: Bugler and Musician. As a Royal Marines Bugler you’ll specialise in playing the Bugle, Military Side Drum and Herald Trumpet, performing stunning world-renowned displays and leading your Band out on parade. As a Royal Marines Musician, you’ll use your professional skills in a variety of performance environments including our annual concert series at the Royal Albert Hall in London.
  • From time to time you will also be called upon to support Operations, in support of 3 Commando Brigade and Defence Medical Services; all of which adds to the variety and uniqueness of service life.

What's it like?

Members of the Royal Marines Band Service are highly-trained, skilled individuals who demonstrate their proficiency and professionalism on the world stage. The standards are high, and the opportunities are immense. Few professional musicians have the chance to play to an audience of thousands or Royalty, but you will do it all in a day’s work. There will even be occasions when you’re front and centre at nationally broadcast events, like the Remembrance Day Parade at the London Cenotaph.

We will train you to reach our high, professional standards. Depending on the role you choose, you’ll spend up to three years at the Royal Marines School of Music (RMSoM), honing your skills under the guidance of world-renowned tutors. Upon completion of your training, you’ll be ready to perform at the highest, and most professional level every day – whether you’re playing music or supporting your Royal Navy & Royal Marines colleagues on operations.

The learning doesn’t need to stop there either as Musicians can also study for a fully funded BMus (Honours) degree and continue learning through a partly-funded MMus pathway.