Band Service: Stages and standards

So, you’ve decided to join the Royal Marines Band Service. Before you can start your career as one of the world’s finest military musicians, you need to pass a series of physical tests. Get through these and you can begin your journey in the Royal Navy. To help you prepare, the stages that you'll have to complete are:

  1. Audition and physical assessments
  2. Initial Military Training

Each stage has its own tests, with exacting standards you’ll need to meet to prove you’re up to the physical demands of life in the Royal Marines. Many of these tests will directly influence whether you're successful in your application, while some are pass or fail, so it’s vital that you’re in peak physical condition. 

'Get fit to join' is here to help you get ready for each stage. You can navigate through the process, see exactly what is required to pass, and find out how you can give yourself an edge.

Audition and physical stamina test

You will be asked to attend a five-day assessment at the Royal Marines School of Music (RMSoM), which is split into two parts:

  • Your audition
  • A series of physical stamina tests

The Royal Marines Band Service is, first and foremost, a military unit, so a high level of fitness is paramount. 

During your audition week you'll be asked to undertake a physical assessment in the form of a circuit, conducted to a beep and repeated three times in total. The assessment comprises:

  • For male candidates: 15 x press ups, 15 x sit ups, 15 x burpees and a 30 second plank
  • For female candidates: 7 x press ups, 15 x sit ups, 10 x burpees and a 30 second plank 

This tests you for a base level of fitness. You will need to continue working on your strength and cardiovascular fitness in order to successfully complete all elements of Initial Military Training, which is a physically demanding course.

In order to enter service candidates must be able to confidently swim two lengths of a pool. You must declare your swimming ability, and this will be tested and developed thoroughly during Initial Military Training.