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Job Role
Royal Marines Commando
Job Role

Royal Marines Commando

You’ll become part of the Royal Navy’s elite amphibious force, operating in some of the most extreme environments in the world.

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  • £18,500 - £51,000
  • No qualifications
  • Royal Marines
  • Rating level

At a glance

Could you become part of the world’s most elite amphibious force and wear the coveted green beret? It’s not for everyone. You'll need to dig deep. In hostile environments, and on treacherous terrain. All as part of an exceptional team. It's a state of mind.
Royal Marines Commando in water pointing a gun
My green beret is very special. It shows that I’m part of a team that always gets the job done, whatever the situation, and whatever obstacles are in our way.


Royal Marines Commando

Role details

What you’ll do

Could you become part of the world’s most elite amphibious force and wear the coveted green beret? It’s not for everybody, that’s for sure. Digging deep to aim high, you’ll stop for nothing. In the most hostile environments, and on the most treacherous terrain. There’s no such thing as an average day in the Royal Marines, and there’s no such thing as an average Commando. You’ll need to be exceptional just like the rest of your team, with the same ethos – and the same state of mind.

Your role

  • Play a key role in dealing with manmade, humanitarian and naturally occurring crises. Your missions will be varied, ranging from amphibious assaults and humanitarian aid, to large scale combat operations. 
  • Deploy to where you’re needed most, from the coldest climes and the hottest deserts, to the most hostile jungles and the highest mountains. Whatever challenges you face, you’ll need to adapt to get the job done.
  • Develop your military skills, before selecting a specialisation to become anything from an Armourer to a Mountain Leader. 
  • Travel the world, protecting your nation’s interests as part of a team renowned for its strength of unity. You’ll form ties – special bonds with your comrades – that will never be broken.

Pay & benefits

  • Salary of more than £18,600 as soon as you start training
  • Earn over £20,000 after receiving your green beret, potentially rising to over £51,000 as your career progresses
  • Earn additional pay if you specialise in certain disciplines
  • Seven weeks of paid holiday every year
  • Free medical and dental care
  • Subsidised travel and accommodation
  • Excellent pension scheme
  • Adventurous training

Skills for life

Qualifications you'll gain

  • HM Forces Level 2 Apprenticeship including functional skills Maths and English level 1 gained during recruit training
  • There are various civilian qualifications available dependent upon which specialist qualification a Marine goes on to pursue

Skills you'll develop

  • First-class leadership, and world-class teamwork
  • Essential military skills, as well as a specialisation such as abseiling, assault engineering or combat intelligence 


  • Aged 16 to 32 when you start training
  • No qualifications are required for this role
  • You must be a United Kingdom national, or Commonwealth citizen, or Dual National. Dual Nationality restrictions do apply
  • Minimum height of 145cm
  • A maximum BMI of 28 (there may be some exceptions to this maximum if your waist measures less than 94cm) 
  • A minimum weight of 65kg or a minimum BMI of 23
  • The ability to pass the swimming assessment during the Royal Marine Candidate Preparation Course 

Skills & Interests

  • A true team player, self-discipline
  • Physical fitness and mental robustness
  • Positivity in the face of adversity 
  • The ability to cope well under pressure

Joining Process

From picking your role to starting on your first day, these are the steps you'll take to join as a rating.

Career Progression

From responsibilities to pay, find out where this role can take you.

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