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Job Role
Qualified Medical Technician (RFA)
Job Role

Qualified Medical Technician (RFA)

With first-class care, you’ll be responsible for the wellbeing of your crewmates, in challenging situations all over the world.

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  • Undergraduate Degree
  • Royal Fleet Auxiliary
  • Medical
  • Rating level

At a glance

You’ll take sole responsibility for the health and wellbeing of all your crewmates. You’re the only medic on board, so your advice directly informs Command in the event of an emergency. It’s a seriously challenging medical role, with serious rewards.
Medical Technicians training on a dummy
I like the responsibility of being the only medic on board. There aren’t many medical careers where you get to travel the world and be the person everyone relies on for medical care.


Medical Technician

Role details

What you’ll do

As a Qualified Medical Technician in the Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) you’ll take sole responsibility for the health and wellbeing of all your crewmates. You’re the only medic on board ship, so the advice you provide directly informs Command in the event of an emergency. That means dealing with everything from infection control in Indonesia, to recommending aero-medical evacuation in the middle of the Atlantic. It’s a seriously challenging medical role, but one that will see you develop skills and knowledge that stay with you throughout your career.

Your role

  • Take charge of the ship’s hospital and act as the custodian of all medical supplies on board.
  • Work closely with doctors at Naval Command HQ and other onshore civilian facilities to provide first-class medical care and develop your skills.
  • You’ll have to deal with a variety of medical issues, from minor illness to recurring injuries.
  • Operate as the sole point of contact for medical advice and guidance, displaying an approachable nature, reliability, and an ability to work methodically in a challenging environment.

Pay & benefits

  • Earn in excess of £37,000 from the day you start 
  • Earned Voyage Leave (EVL) of 21 days for every month spent on board ship
  • Membership of a Civil Service Pension scheme 
  • World-class training
  • Potential to travel around the world

Skills for life

Qualifications you'll gain

  • Offshore medical qualification
  • MCA basic sea training

Skills you'll develop

  • The ability to use your medical skills and training in the maritime environment
  • An understanding of providing healthcare in an operational setting



  • Aged at least 17 years 6 months to apply, and 18 years to commence employment. There is no upper age limit
  • An NMC Registered Nurse, or
  • An HPC Registered Paramedic ,or
  • An Ex-Military Medic in the following categories: RN LMA or above; RFA Medical Technician; RFA Medical Assistant at Corporal or above; RAMC CMT1 at Corporal or above, or
  • Be another healthcare professional, such as an Operating Department Practitioner (ODPs), with experience working alone or as part of a medical team
  • Must be British, Irish or Commonwealth citizens. However, a number of career paths have nationality restrictions. Dual Nationality will be considered providing the first nationality is British. Note: Residency restrictions may apply
  • Need to have confidence with jumping into water and the ability to wade whilst wearing a life jacket

Skills & Interests

  • An ability to thrive on responsibility
  • Great at multi-tasking
  • Comfortable working in hands-on situations
  • A sense of adventure

Joining Process

From picking your role to starting on your first day, these are the steps you'll take to join as a rating.

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