How can I prepare?

Practicing for interviews

When you have successfully passed your Naval Service Recruiting Test (NSRT), you’ll be at the interview stage. This is where we ascertain your suitability for your role and for life in the Royal Navy. Prove you have what it takes to cope with the rigours of basic training and you’ll be one step closer to a career like no other.

Royal Navy personnel on board ship.

What is the interview like?

The interview is scheduled to last for about 45 mins and will be conducted as directed by your Careers Adviser. This is our opportunity to meet you, so you can expect your interviewer, who will be a member of the Naval Careers Service or a Liaison Officer, to ask you about the information you put on your recruiting application form. This includes talking about your education, family and work experience.

Crucially, you will also be asked about your understanding of the role the Naval Service plays and why you want to join.

How to prepare

Depending on the amount of work experience you have gained as a civilian, you may not have had a lot of practice in a formal interview environment. Here are some things to consider for preparation:

  • Do your best to stay up to date with current affairs
  • Read through all of the MOD documentation you’ve been given
  • Pick out some life experiences that are relevant to your application
  • Try a mock interview with friends or family
  • Plan to arrive in plenty of time so you can compose yourself prior to interview

On the day

This is part of a formal application process, so you should dress and behave accordingly. That means dressing smartly and making sure you arrive on time.