HMS Trumpeter

HMS Trumpeter is the training vessel for Cambridge University Royal Naval Unit (Cambridge URNU). She was built by Vosper Thornycroft and commissioned in 1988.

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Unit History

First HMS Trumpeter1942

The first HMS Trumpeter was an escort carrier of 11,400 tons built in Seattle and launched on 15 December 1942. She was returned to the US in April 1946.

Battle Honours1944

She received two Battles Honours one for the Arctic in 1944 and one for Norway in 1944-45.

Second HMS Trumpeter1947

The second ship with the name was the tank landing ship LST 3524, launched on 26 July 1945 and renamed Trumpeter in 1947.

Ship History1947

She was followed by the tank landing ship LST 3524, launched on 26 July 1945 and renamed Trumpeter in 1947. Transferred to the Ministry of Transportas the Empire Fulmar in 1956, sold in 1968.

Empire Fulmar1956

She was transferred to the Ministry of Transport as the Empire Fulmar in 1956, and sold in 1968.

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Commanding Officer Christopher Chew

Rank: Lieutenant

Lieutenant Christopher Chew joined the Royal Navy in 2008, he assumed command of HMS Trumpeter in January 2015.

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HMS Trumpeter weighs 54 tonnes


HMS Trumpeter is 20.8 metres in length

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