HMS Shoreham

HMS Shoreham was launched by Lady Perowne on 9 April 2001 and was formally accepted into service on 28 November 2001. She is the fifth vessel to carry the name.

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HMS Shoreham is one of four British Royal Navy minehunters currently based in the Gulf. Her role, and that of sister ship HMS Penzance and Hunts HMS Atherstone and Chiddingfold, is to safeguard the waters of the Gulf. 

One in every 17 sailors and RM on duty over Christmas at home and abroad


HMS Shoreham Latest News

Minehunter Task Group puts autonomous systems to the test

Minehunter Task Group puts autonomous systems to the test

HMS Shoreham returns from Gulf deployment

HMS Shoreham returns from Gulf deployment

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Current operation Alongside - Clyde

Currently alongside in her home port of Clyde Naval Base in Faslane, Scotland

Location Faslane

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Unit History

The First Shoreham1694

Four Royal Naval ships have previously borne the name Shoreham, from a 32-gun 'one and a half' decked ship built in 1694.

The Fourth Shoreham1929

The fourth HMS Shoreham was launched in November 1930 and completed a year later. She was initially armed with twin 4” guns, by the end of WW2 she could also boast anti-aircraft armament.


From 1932 to 1939 HMS Shoreham served in the Gulf, but on the outbreak of war her area of operation extended to the Red Sea. Serving as an anti-aircraft ship and an anti-submarine escort.

Battle Honours1943

Sicily and the Mediterranean

Operation Husky1943

In February 1943, she went to Alexandria and the Levant before joining the forces assembled for Operation Husky. She returned to the Indian Ocean in September 1943 until VJ Day.

Battle Honours1944

Burma, 1944-1945

Battle Honours1945

World War 2

Ordered Home1946

After a refit she returned to her pre-war role in the Gulf, but was ordered home in July 1946 to pay off for her disposal. She was sold in November that year and broken up in 1950.

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Commanding Officer Michael Carter quinn

Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Lieutenant Commander Michael Quinn joined the Royal Navy in 2000, he assumed command of MCM1 HMS Bangor Crew in March 2014.

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HMS Shoreham is as long as Nelson's Column is tall

HMNB Clyde

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