HMS Penzance

HMS Penzance is a Sandown Class minehunter whose role is to neutralise underwater threats and clear the sea-lanes for shipping. 

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The overhaul will see the Sandown-class minehunter emerge refreshed, with among other upgrades the addition of an enhanced 30mm cannon. Once checked over and fully trialled, the small ship is expected to return to duties for the second half of 2013.

HMS Penzance braves Monsoon on journey east


HMS Penzance Latest News

Faslane mine hunter hosts Royal visit before major deployment


Military training exercise Joint Warrior draws to a close

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Current operation Maintenance

Ships, units and aircraft need periods of maintenance to ensure that they are at their best for any tasks asked of them.

  • Alongside - Clyde

    Alongside in her home port HMNB Clyde

  • Joint Warrior

    Europe's largest military exercise - a tri-Service, multinational exercise involving over 35 warships, 25 aircraft, marines and troops.

Location Plymouth

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Unit History

The First Two Penzances1665

The first two ships to bear the name Penzance were small frigates commissioned in 1665 and 1747 respectively.

The Third Penzance1930

The third was a Bridgewater-class sloop launched from Devonport in 1930.


Employed on convoy duties the ship left Cape Breton, Nova Scotia on 15 August 1940 as the sole escort to another convoy of ships bound for Great Britain.


She was later intercepted by a U37, torpedoed, and subsequently sunk resulting in the loss of her Captain and 89 of her crew.

The Current Penzance1997

Launched by Princess Michael of Kent on 11 March 1997, the current HMS Penzance was commissioned on 14 May 1998 and is the fourth to bear the name.

Securing Britain's Future

An island nation needs a powerful navy. A simple fact, often forgotten. Go behind the scenes of the new Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier and discover its true scale and ambition.

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Commanding Officer Nicholas Unwin

Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Lt Cdr Nick Unwin joined the Royal Navy in 2000. He assumed command of HMS Penzance in April 2013.

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Engineering Technician (Marine Engineering)

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