To help you make your decision about relocation, the following are the most frequently asked questions.

Q. I am relocating. How can I find out about the establishment facilities and general area?
A. The Welfare Information Offices provide information support to all members of the Service community. To find out about establishment facilities, accommodation, education and other local information contact your nearest office.

Q. We are relocating as a family and need to find a new doctor, dentist and school
A. We advise using the NHS Choices website to find the services local to your new address and Gov.uk can help regarding all stages of education.

Q. We are relocating as a family and would like to apply for Service Families Accommodation. How can I do that? 
A.  The Defence Information Organisations Service Family Accommodation website has a guide for Service families covering applying for, maintaining, moving in and out of service family accommodation. It is also worth looking at ‘The A to Z of SFA’.

Q. My next assignment is overseas. How do I find about relocating?
A. You can contact a Welfare Information Office or the Serving Person should contact their Unit Personnel Office.

Q. I am leaving the Royal Navy and would like some advice on my housing options.
A. The Joint Service Housing Advice Office (JSHAO) is a Tri-Service focal point for civilian housing information for Service Personnel and their families wishing to move to civilian accommodation at any point in their career. It also provides housing advice to those during Armed Forces Resettlement to assist the transition to civilian life.   

Delivered through briefings and one-to-one consultations, Housing Matters magazine publication is an invaluable source.  
JSHAO also manages the MoD Referral Scheme, which supports Social Housing in conjunction with Local Authorities and their agents. Contact details: 1st Floor, Zone 1, Montgomery House, Queens Avenue, Aldershot GU11 2JN. Civ: 01252 787574; Mil: 94222 7574; Email: AWS-JSHAO-MAILBOX@mod.uk.

Medical and Dental


NHS Choices is a comprehensive information source, which enables you to search for health services, GP surgeries, pharmacies and opticians in your local area. Alternatively you can call the 24 Hour NHS Direct Helpline on: +44 (0) 845 4647.
Your local HIVE will also be able to inform you of the medical facilities within your catchment area.


There is no Service dental provision for UK-based Service families, except in acute emergencies where there is no immediate access to NHS treatment. It therefore falls to the families to find and register with local facilities. However, the scarcity of NHS dentists and the varying rules of local care trusts regarding waiting lists can make this situation difficult.

In acknowledgement that issues such as frequent postings can often result in Service families never making it to the top of NHS waiting lists, both your local HIVE and the Naval Families Federation are on hand to assist and provide you with the latest NHS updates.