The Naval Service champions a freedom of choice policy when it comes to personnel serving accompanied or unaccompanied. This is particularly desirable for the dependants of personnel serving long periods at sea, who wish to put down roots in a community, maintain family stability, and retain a circle of friends.

Relocating can seem like a daunting prospect, but for personnel wishing to serve accompanied, we're here to help with relocation benefits and providing Service Family Accommodation (SFA), for example.

Service family accommodation

Find out more about Service Family Accommodation, what happens, what you need to do - and who is there to help you.

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Short Term Family Accommodation

STFA is there to help Service Personnel and their families during the relocation process. Find out more about it, and if you're eligible.

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Find answers to the questions most frequently asked about relocation - and where to find an answer if you can't.

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Practical Help

Getting you the help you need: whom you need to speak to and how to get in touch with them.

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Get In Touch

If you are after relocation information then all the contact details you need are right here.

A good place to start is on the Welfare Information Support webpage or, if you prefer to use Social Media, you can also post on our Facebook page, Tweet us @RNRMWelfare #WISRelocation, or join the Royal Navy forum and ask your question directly to the online team.

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