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40 Cdo RM Recovery Troop

The Unit strength is approximately 600 and are divided into 7 companies. Termoli Troop (named after one of the Battle honours during WW11 in Italy 1943) are part of the Base Company organisation. 

The troop is commanded by Warrant Officer First class RM and the administration is carried out by a SNCO. 

The WIS are supported by  by the medical support team; they consist of the Commando Medical Practitioner (CMP) and two Remedial Physical Training Instructor (Royal Marines), a Physiotherapist (civilian)  

The support team will come up with a recovery program for each individual; the programme is reviewed weekly and adjusted to best suit each patient’s progress.

Over the year 2014-2016 Termoli Troop have engaged in a number of Adventurous Therapy activities and social outings to break up the monotony of recovering from an injury, it also provides stimulation for Marines under care and receiving support. 

The purposes of these activities are to maintain military skills, promote team building and to act as an alternative form of therapy for ranks undergoing injury rehabilitation. 

The troop participate in three adventurous therapy weeks (off camp) per year, individuals and groups are encouraged to participate in a variety of organised functions from battle field tours to sailing on tall ships. 

Our activities are predominantly funded by The C Group which have emerged with Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund, local donations and charities


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Location 40 Cdo RM Recovery Troop

Norton Manor Camp

Norton Fitzwarren




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40 Cdo RM Recovery Troop
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The Troop conduct Individual recovery programmes with the two Remedial instructors under the supervision of the Unit physiotherapist. 

We conduct these periods on a 2 hourly basis per working day which alternate with AM/PM in conjunction with the green skills training.  

We have a small unit Swimming Pool which is also used in the recovery plan.

We have a dedicated GYM for the unit WIS  which has the latest technology and is looked after by the Sergeant Senior remedial instructor.

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