Community Centres and Houses

The nature of military activity and way of life of serving personnel set, Armed Forces communities apart from civilian society. Royal Navy community provision addresses the unique military environment and is based upon the need to support the whole service community, providing resources where civil society does not meet the need.

Whether you live in Service Family Accommodation or in your own home, each Community Centre exists to provide Serving Personnel and their families a varied programme of events whilst acting as a focal point for the Service Community.
A warm welcome guaranteed!

RNRMW Community Volunteer Programme

Royal Navy Royal Marines Welfare (RNRMW) are looking for volunteers .

If you are interested in helping to support Service Families in your area, please complete the questionnaire below.

Volunteers receive full support through our induction process and training program.

All Volunteers are checked i.a.w Safeguarding Legislation 

RNRMW Volunteer Information / Application Form

Information Support Forum

If you would like to receive notification of events and / or offers via Email, please visit the National Welfare Information Support Forum.

Details of National and Local events are "pushed out" via this forum to members of the RN Forum.

This forum is open to all; however, if you wish to post or leave feedback for an event you may have attended you will need to register for an account.

Once registered, you can subscribe to the following forums and receive instant notification via Email that content has been added.

  • Arbroath Welfare Information Support
  • Chivenor Welfare Information Support
  • Culdrose Welfare Information Support 
  • Dorset Welfare Information Support 
  • Lympstone Welfare Information Support 
  • Northwood Welfare Information Support 
  • Plymouth Welfare Information Support 
  • Portsmouth Welfare Information Support 
  • Scotland Welfare Information Support 
  • Taunton Welfare Information Support 
  • Yeovilton Welfare Information Support

You will also have access to the Official Ship/Unit forums, the only place where you will find official updates for families and friends.