Casualty ship

Primary Casualty Receiving Ship

The primary role is to serve as a Primary Casualty Receiving Ship, there is a fully equipped 100 bed hospital including a 4 bay operating theatre with a 10 bed Critical Care Unit, a 20 bed High Dependency Unit and a CT Scanner.  A secondary role is to provide aviation training facilities.

RFA Argus does not comply with the Geneva Convention's definition of a 'hospital ship' as she is fitted with self-defence guns and decoys and may have operational units embarked. Thus she is not classified as a hospital ship and does not dispaly the International Red Cross symbol.

Explore Weapons & Missiles

  • Primary Casualty Receiving Ship
  • DS30B 30mm

    DS30B 30mm Automated Small Calibre Gun

    A single mounting carrying an Oerlikon 30mm gun, it was designed as a ship-protection system to defend Royal Navy frigates from various short range missiles, rockets, grenades and explosives.   

    The gun is controlled from a remote operator console elsewhere on the ship.

  • GAM BO 20mm

    GAM BO 20mm Auto Cannon

    A simple hand operated mounting carrying a single Oerlikon KAA200 automatic cannon.

    It can fire 1000 rounds a minute and has a  range of 2000m.

operations Operation Gritrock

The UK armed forces played a pivotal role in delivering British support as they worked with the government of Sierra Leone to tackle the crisis. Using British expertise and local building contractors, the UK committed to support 700 new beds in Ebola treatment facilities. This package supported the country’s stretched public health services in containing the disease by helping up to nearly 8,800 patients over a 6-month period.

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The Primary Casualty Receiving Ship has a 4 bay operating theatre on board