Auxiliary oiler and replenishment

Fort Class II

The Auxiliary oiler and replenishment ship has a large range of armaments, fuel and spares carried on on board. It can operate up to 5 Sea King/Lynx or Merlin Helicopters with full maintenance facilities.

The Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment ship regularly deploys on exercise to such places as America, The Middle East  and the Mediterranean.

Explore Weapons & Missiles

  • Auxiliary Oiler and Replenishment
  • DS30B 30mm

    DS30B 30mm Automated Small Calibre Gun

    A single mounting carrying an Oerlikon 30mm gun, it was designed as a ship-protection system to defend Royal Navy frigates from various short range missiles, rockets, grenades and explosives.   

    The gun is controlled from a remote operator console elsewhere on the ship.

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Auxiliary Oilers and Replenishment ships have a top speed of 20 knots