Patrol Vessels


Royal Navy Offshore Patrol Vessels conduct fishery protection duties and safeguard the integrity of the UK's territorial waters.

River Class

The River Class patrol ships can be used for anything from fire-fighting to disaster relief operations. There are 4 in all; HMS Tyne, HMS Mersey and HMS Severn and HMS Clyde. HMS Clyde operates around the Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic. Tyne, Mersey and Severn have a crew of about 45 sailors, working at least 275 days a year at sea enforcing British and European fisheries law.

Explore Weapons & Missiles

  • River Class
  • DS30B 30mm Gun

    DS30B 30mm Gun Remote fully automated mount

    A single mounting carrying an Oerlikon 30mm gun, it was designed as a ship-protection system to defend Royal Navy frigates from various short range missiles, rockets, grenades and explosives. 

    The gun is controlled from a remote operator console elsewhere on the ship.

  • GAM BO 20 mm Gun

    GAM BO 20 mm Gun Short range anti-aircraft gun

    A simple hand operated mounting carrying a single Oerlikon KAA200 automatic cannon.

    It can fire 1000 rounds a minute and has a  range of 2000m.

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Patrol boats contribute to a wide range of tasking from University Training up to support in the Strait of Gibraltar