Type 26 Frigate

Global Combat Ship

The Type 26 Global Combat Ship is a 21st Century warship that will replace the Type 23 frigate as the workhorse of the Fleet, undertaking the Royal Navy's three core roles - warfighting, maritime security and international engagement - on the world stage.

Eight Type 26s will replace the eight dedicated anti-submarine frigates, alongside a new class of general purpose light frigates.

The  first steel will be cut on the Navy’s next-generation frigate in the summer of 2017.

First and foremost, the 26s are being designed to protect the nation’s strategic deterrent and new Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers from hostile submarines.

The ships will be expected to deal missions across the full spectrum of Royal Navy operations – complex combat scenarios, counter piracy, as well as humanitarian and disaster relief.

The Type 26 will be capable of operating on its own for significant periods, or as part of a British or coalition task group.

The entire class will be equipped with some of the most modern and effective weapons systems available, including a vertical launch missile silo and 5in main gun – both of which offer improved capabilities and potential for further develoment throughout the ship's life.

Some equipment currently destined for the Type 23s – notably the Sea Ceptor anti-air missile system which is replacing Seawolf and the Artisan 997 radar – will also be fitted to the 26s.

Where the new class really stands out is in its ability to surge manpower and specialist capabilities depending on its role, thanks in no small part to the flexible mission bay.

The bay will be able to house and deploy additional boats, unmanned vehicles (aerial, surface or underwater), or store ISO containers for example, allowing the ship to adapt to changing missions, ranging from disaster relief and humanitarian aid operations to embarking military forces or supporting diving operations.

The flight deck is able to accommodate helicopters up to the size of the RAF’s Chinooks.


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  • Weapons and Equipment
  • Sea Ceptor

    Sea Ceptor Naval air defence system

    Sea Ceptor, which will be fitted to the Royal Navy's Type 23 frigates and in future, the Type 26 Global Combat Ship, is a cutting-edge missile capable of intercepting multiple targets out to a range of 25km, travelling at speeds of more than 2,000 miles an hour.

    £250M Royal Navy missile contract sustains 500 UK jobs
  • Gunnery

    Gunnery Small calibre guns

    All warships carry small-calibre such as SA80, General Purpose Machine Gun and Mk44 Miniguns.

    Unlike the majority of the ship's weapons systems, these guns are not radar and computer controlled, but aimed and fired by the upper deck weapon crews; the weapons range in calibre and complexity.

  • £250M Royal Navy missile contract sustains 500 UK jobs

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A speed of 26+ knots


The T26 has a range in excess of 7,000 nautical miles

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There will be a crew of 157 on board