Type 45 Destroyer

Daring Class

Destroyers are part of the backbone of the Royal Navy, committed around the world 365 days a year hunting pirates, drug runners or submarines, defending the Fleet from air attack, and providing humanitarian aid after natural disasters.

Britain's 6 Type 45 destroyers are the most advanced warships the nation has ever built. Their mission is to shield the Fleet from air attack using Sea Viper missile which can knock targets out of the sky up to 70 miles away.

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  • Weapons and Equipment
  • Mk8 Gun

    Mk8 Gun 4.5 inch medium gun

    The 4.5in main gun, found on the forecastle of all the Royal Navy's frigates and destroyers, it is the most obvious provider of punch and firepower. The gun can fire up to two dozen high explosive shells, per minute, weighing more than 40kg (80lbs) at targets more than a dozen miles away - and nearly 18 miles if special extended-range shells are used.

    The main purpose of the gun is Naval Gunfire Support – artillery bombardment of shore targets.

    In this role the gun is capable of firing the equivalent of a six-gun shore battery.


  • Sampson

    Sampson Multi-function radar

    The Sampson radar is a sophisticated multi-function radar, and an essential part of the air defence system for the Type 45.

  • Phalanx

    Phalanx Close-in weapon

    Phalanx is one of the deadly last lines of defence for Britain's warships. Capable of engaging targets around one mile away, it is a radar-controlled Gatling gun which fires 20mm shells, spewing out 3,000 rounds a minute.

    Designed to engage incoming enemy aircraft and missiles if they penetrated a ship or task group's outer ring of defences such as Sea Viper or Sea Dart.

    During Operation Telic, Phalanx guns were removed from ships and used to defend Basra airport, the hub of British operations,they  saw extensive action against incoming rockets and mortars fired by insurgents.

  • Sea Viper

    Sea Viper Principal Anti-Air Missile

    The Sea Viper provides all-round defence – not just for the destroyer but for an entire naval task group - against all aerial threats some 70 miles away. It races towards its target at speeds in excess of Mach Four (over 3,000mph) using a series of tiny jets to manoeuvre, carrying out sharp turns at G forces no human could endure.

    The system comprises Sampson radar (the spinning egg atop the Type 45’s main mast), a Combat Management System, long-range radar, the Sylver missile-launching system on the destroyer's forecastle and Aster 15 and Aster 30 missiles with ranges up to 20 and 75 miles respectively.

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