royal Marines 

Royal Marines

Royal Marines Commandos are highly trained in the use of the latest weapons systems. This includes rifles, machine guns, mortars and anti-tank weapons.

Individual, Troop and Support

The commando arsenal with which Royal Marines can take on any enemy anywhere.

Explore Individual Troop and Support Weapons

  • Royal Marines
  • .50 inch Heavy Machine Gun

    .50 inch Heavy Machine Gun 0.50" HMG

    The .50 inch Heavy Machine Gun is used to significantly increase the firepower of a Royal Marine troop. The weapon is typically crewed by 3 men, but can be loaded and fired by one man if necessary.


  • .338 Rifle

    .338 Rifle L96 Sniper Rifle

    The L96 Sniper Rifle enables the Royal Marines to target specific enemy targets at ranges of over 1km.


  • Light machine Gun (MINIMI)

    Light machine Gun (MINIMI) L110A2 5.56mm LMG

    The L110A2 5.56mm Light Machine Gun is a fully automatic, belt or magazine fed, gas operated weapon. It is capable of a sustained high volume of fire in bursts. The LMG is a key component of a Royal Marines Troop's firepower.


  • General Purpose Machine Gun

    General Purpose Machine Gun GPMG (Long Range)

    The 7.62mm General Purpose Machine Gun can be used either as a light machine gun fired from a bipod, or fired from a tripod and used in a sustained fire role. It may also be fired from a vehicle mounting at ground and air targets.


A Royal Marines best friend, maintained and ever ready to engage with the enemy at close range.

Explore Individual Weapons

  • Royal Marines
  • SA80 A2 ACOG

    SA80 A2 ACOG Rifle

    The SA80 A2 ACOG is the standard Royal Marine weapon, and is capable of firing single rounds or burst. It enables Marines to deploy quick and accurate fire at short range; and accurate fire at longer ranges.


  • SA80 A2 + UGL

    SA80 A2 + UGL Under-slung Grenade Launcher

    The Under-slung Grenade Launcher variant of the SA80 A2 ACOG adds further flexibility to the SA rifle system, and enables Royal Marines to deploy grenades at extended distances.


  • 9mm Pistol

    9mm Pistol Pistol Weapon

    The pistol is a close combat weapon. It weighs 1kg and when a round is fired, the recoil is used to reload the pistol.


  • Grenade (L109A1)

    Grenade (L109A1) Grenade

    Grenades are used by Royal Marines to augment their individual firepower in close combat scenarios.



Specialised firepower, immediately available to counter enemy vehicles, aircraft or boats.

Explore Support Weapons

  • Royal Marines
  • Javelin

    Javelin Anti-tank Weapon

    Javelin is a guided, man portable, medium range anit-tank weapon. It is capable of defeating armoured vehicles - including tanks - and hovering helicopters.

    The Javelin has an integrated day and night sight that allows tactical operations in any conditions.

  • NLAW

    NLAW Next Generation Light Anti-tank Weapon

    The Next Generation Light Anti-tank Weapon (NLAW) is one of the world's most advanced infantry rocket systems.

    It has a maximum range of 1km and uses predicted line of sight technology.

  • 81mm Mortar

    81mm Mortar Indirect Fire Weapon

    The 81mm Mortar is an indirect fire weapon which is operated by 2 men, and has a range of 5,650 metres.

    The mortar can fire a number of different types of round, including fire smoke, illuminating and high explosive rounds.


  • 60mm Mortar

    60mm Mortar Indirect Fire Weapon

    The 60mm Light Mortar is an indirect fire weapon that can be carried and fired by one man, and has a range of 750 metres.

    The mortar can fire a number of different types of round, including fire smoke, illuminating and high explosive rounds.

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