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Atlantic Patrol Tasking South

Offering reassurance to British interests and allied nations by providing an ongoing Royal Navy presence in the Atlantic.

Second Sea Lord

The current Second Sea lord is Vice Admiral Nick Hine CB who was appointed in April 2019. A warfare officer with a predominantly submarine background, he has served in a variety of diesel and nuclear submarines, as well as undertaking a number of...

Providing Security At Sea

The UK has a responsibility to its citizens and its allies to endeavour to safeguard the high seas. This is why the Royal Navy protects home and international waters.

First Sea Lord

The First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff, is the Royal Navy's professional head and Chairman of the Navy Board. He is responsible to Secretary of State for the fighting effectiveness, efficiency and morale of the Naval Service, and supports the...

Continuous At Sea Deterrent

A 24/7/365 mission which began in the 1960s: strategic submarines on patrol to deter conflict and protect the nation.



Navy Command HQ


School visit to HMS St Albans

Schoolchildren whose parents all serve in the Armed Forces were given an insight into life at sea after spending a day on board Type 23 frigate HMS St Albans.



The Aviation branch, known as the Fleet Air Arm, provides the airborne capabilities we need to complete our most challenging operations.



How to do a Royal Navy chin-up Look to use gym equipment or a suitable out door alternative, there are often exercise bars in local parks that you could use. An overhand grip can also be utilised, this is advised for potential divers as this is how...