BR 3 Vol 2

This is the November 2015 Edition of BR 3 Vol 2 - Naval Personnel Management - Reserves.

Unfortunately due to technical reasons the links in the book to the different chapters and annexes are unavailable, please use the links below to access them.

Chapter 1

Regulations, Command and Organisation of Maritime Reserve Forces

Chapter 2

Maritime Reserves Personnel Management

Chapter 3

Maritime Reserves General Administration

Chapter 4


Chapter 5

Maritime Reserve Training

Chapter 6

Maritime Reserves Voluntary Training and Ad Hoc Duties

Chapter 7


Chapter 8

Maritime Reserves Orders and Decorations, Medals and Medal Ribbons

Chapter 9


Chapter 10


Chapter 11

Royal Fleet Reserve

Chapter 12

Royal Fleet Reserves Voluntary Training and Ad Hoc Duties

Chapter 13

The Transitional Classes Defined by RFA96 and their Liabilities

Chapter 14

Call-Out, Release From Service and Exemption From Liability for Call-Out of Maritime and Royal Fleet Reserves

Chapter 15


Chapter 16

High Readiness Reserve

Chapter 17

Sponsored Reserve Service

Chapter 18

Full Time Reserve Service

Chapter 19

Additional Duties Commitments (Part-Time Reserve Service)

Chapter 20

Naval Careers Service

Chapter 21


Chapter 22


Chapter 23


Chapter 24


Chapter 25

The University Royal Naval Units

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