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Queen's Harbour Master Portsmouth

NAVWARN No 60/18


1. An obstruction is present in position 50 49.096N 001 08.133W near the approach to Quay Lane Boatyard, in the vicinity of Pile 18 to the west of the main Bedenham Channel.  This obstruction consisting of steel uprights and a concrete sinker is the remains of a historic beacon, positioned outside the channel and above the drying height.  The highest point is awash at a height of tide of 3.3 metres.   

2. Small vessels should navigate with extreme caution in the vicinity and should avoid transiting shoreside of the line of moorings unless approaching Quay Lane Boatyard.

3. The following Portsmouth NAVWARNS remain in force: 54/18, 27/18, 75/17, 33/17, 27/14, 57/12, 52/11, 40/11 and 10/04.