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Queen's Harbour Master Portsmouth

LNTM No 15/19


1. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the Queen’s Harbour Master Portsmouth that when HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH transits, or operates within, the Dockyard Port of Portsmouth waters the measures outlined in this LNTM will be in force.  

2. Normally the date and timing of moves will be promulgated by the Daily Shipping Movements programme published on the QHM Website, but in certain circumstances publication of timings and/or activation of this LNTM may be made at relatively short notice on VHF.

3. When this LNTM is in force the following rules and regulations apply:

4. Whilst underway in Dockyard Port Waters HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH is considered “a vessel constrained by her draught” as defined by the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea. The vessel will be escorted by tugs and MOD Police patrol craft. Other vessels are to avoid taking any action that will impede her safe passage. General Direction 02/13 (Dormant Exclusion Zone – 250 metres radius) is activated and will be in force for HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH during her transits through the Dockyard Port of Portsmouth.  Police craft will be in attendance with the vessel to enforce this 250 metre exclusion zone; they will be clearly identifiable and will be acting on the authority of the Queen’s Harbour Master. All vessels are to comply with their directions.  When working with HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH or transiting to or from working with the ship, tugs are likely to have their masts lowered and may not be able to show all normal, or expected, navigation lights. Mariners are to be aware of this and exercise extra caution in interpreting vessel navigation lights whilst HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH is being supported by tugs.

5. For HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH’s entry to or departure from Portsmouth a closed channel will be brought into force (timings will normally be shown on Daily Shipping Movements and may also be broadcast on VHF Channel 11).  

6. For HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH’s entry or departure from Portsmouth the small boat channel (General Direction 2/17) will be closed (timings will normally be shown on Daily Shipping Movements and may also be broadcast on VHF Channel 11).  Police and QHM craft will be on station to enforce this closure.  All vessels are to comply with their directions.

7. Mariners are reminded that in accordance with the Dockyard Port of Portsmouth order 2005 and General Direction 01/18(or subsequent replacement) the speed limit is 10 knots when vessels are closer than 1000 yards (half a nautical mile) from the shore anywhere within the Dockyard Port of Portsmouth (the extent of the Dockyard Port waters is shown in the Dockyard Port of Portsmouth order 2005 but in general terms anywhere in the Eastern Solent off either the Isle of Wight coast or Fareham, Gosport and Portsmouth Coastline) and anywhere in Portsmouth Harbour north of the harbour entrance.

8. Additionally Mariners are directed to keep their speed below 15 knots when within two nautical miles of HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH.  This is to assist with security and any vessel exceeding this speed is likely to be challenged by accompanying Police or QHM craft and depending on circumstances may be liable to prosecution.

9. On occasions HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH may proceed to anchor within the Dockyard Port of Portsmouth.  When this is the case in accordance with General Direction 02/18 (Keep Clear of Warship Alongside or at Anchor) for this vessel, a 150 metres exclusion zone is designated while the vessel is at anchor and this will be enforced by attendant Police craft.

10. Portsmouth LNTM 14/18 is hereby superseded.


Tuesday 01 Jan 2019

S O Hopper
Queen's Harbour Master

Owners, Agents, Charterers, Marinas, Yacht Clubs and Recreational Sailing Organisations should ensure that the contents of this Notice are made known to the masters or persons in charge of their vessels or craft.