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In accordance with Schedule 1, Paragraph 9 of the Dockyard Port of Portsmouth Order 2005:

Save with permission of the Queen's Harbour Master, no person who is wearing or equipped with clothing or apparatus designed or adapted for swimming underwater or diving shall swim underwater or dive or fish - 

(a) within the harbour or in any of the creeks or lakes adjoining the Harbour; or

(b) elsewhere in the Dockyard Port - 

  (i) within 100 metres of the walls, slipways, or boundaries of a Crown Establishment;

  (ii) within 150 metres of any of Her Majesty's vessels; or

  (iii) where anchorage is prohibited. * 

 *Note - this last measure places restrictions on diving in vicinity of fairways, channels and large ship navigable waters (in excess of 10 metres) throughout the Dockyard Port of Portsmouth as well as in the vicinity of submarine pipelines and cables, without prior permission from QHM.