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Dockyard Port of Plymouth Emergency and Contingency Plan

This plan details the command, control, communications and management arrangements for dealing with maritime incidents within or adjacent to the DPoP where an incident may require support and or resources from the authorities and agencies within the DPoP using the maritime hazards identified within Hazman in addition to others within the Naval Base.
For the purposes of this plan, a maritime emergency or non routine incident includes all forms of marine related security, counter terrorist and environment emergencies involving vessels underway or at anchor in the DPoP or adjacent sea area.

This Plan has been produced in consultation with Local Authorities and the Emergency Services to ensure that a maritime incident or emergency within or close to the DPoP is met with an integrated and flexible response. It should be used in conjunction with the Combined Agency Emergency Response Protocol (CAERP) produced by the Devon, Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Resilience Forum (LRF) to provide a framework for the coordinated delivery of effective and efficient integrated emergency management arrangements.

This plan does not replace any other plan or procedure and is intended to be supplemented by the contingency and emergency plans and procedures of any other maritime authority, local authorities, emergency services or other agency involved in any incident.

Nothing in this Plan shall relieve any other authority, organisation or individual from any statutory obligation or responsibility.