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Shipping Movements

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Tuesday 29 September 2020 As Web Page As PDF
Date Ship/Unit Location Timings


Abbreviation Explanation
B Basin
BTX Boat transfer


Capital Ships Trot
Degaussing Range

DISTEX Disaster Exercise
DWC Deep Water Camber
F/B Fallback (Alternative) move
FB Fender Barge
Fleet Move along the berth
HORB Hold off re-berth, to allow inboard ship to move
J Jetty
LB Line Boat
LCU Landing Craft Utility
LCVP Landing Craft Vehicle/ Personnel
MB Millbay
Named Pilot and Tugs Cold move conducted by an Admiralty Pilot and tugs
OP Own power
OP Named Tug(s) Own power move with tug(s) standing by at the berth
OP Named Pilot and Tugs As above with Admiralty Pilot embarked
Riggers BM Riggers will conduct a transporting move
RMT Royal Marine Tamar
SND Plymouth Sound
SOBW South of Breakwater
TA Towed Array operations. Vessels to remain at least 800m clear of the Submarine
TBC Time of movement is subject to change and will be confirmed
TC Tidally Constrained Move
TSOF Turn South of Torpoint Ferries

Time of movement yet to be reported

W Wharf
Wind Change bow direction by 180 degrees
WML Weston Mill Lake
WML FJ Weston Mill Lake Finger Jetty
YBJ Yonderberry Jetty