The Admiralty Pilots at Plymouth are part of QHM’s organisation and are employed to enable QHM to discharge his statutory duties to ensure the safe movement of vessels within the Dockyard Port.

The Admiralty Pilotage Service is geared to provide a round the clock service, every day of the year. The Service provides up to 4 Pilots in the core working week with reduced cover overnight and at the weekends.

The Admiralty Pilots are managed by the Chief Admiralty Pilot, on behalf of QHM. The Chief Admiralty Pilot allocates Pilots to individual tasks and assists the Movements Officer in the planning of vessel movements in the Port. The Chief Admiralty Pilot is also available for advice on Pilotage, the use of tugs and vessel manoeuvring within the Port.

Pilotage for certain vessels (usually larger and deep draught vessels) using the Port is compulsory. An Admiralty Pilot on behalf of QHM also controls vessels moved without their own power, commonly known as a “cold move”.

All Pilots have “Command qualifications” and normally three to four years of Pilotage training before qualifying as a full Admiralty Pilot.

Additional services provided by the Admiralty Pilots are Port familiarization runs and Compass Adjusting for RN vessels.