Hovercraft Operations


Queen's Harbour Master Plymouth

LNTM No 10/14

  1. This notice is issued for information by the Queens Harbour Master Plymouth. Mariners and other water users are advised that military hovercraft training operations will be conducted as required throughout the Dockyard Port. On occasion, night training will be undertaken. Training will be limited to the level required to maintain operational capability.
  2. Operations in the River Plym will be confined to the Southern third of the charted water skiing area off Chelston Meadow. The hovercraft will utilise both the water and the mudflats in this area. To achieve this, training will be limited to between 2 to 4 hours before/after high water. Operations during this relatively low state of tide should avoid conflict with other watercraft users. Hovercraft will comply with current speed limitations and only exceed the River Plym 8 knots speed limit north of Laira Bridge.
  3. Hovercraft will display lights in accordance with the International Regulations for the Prevention of Collision at Sea. Attention is drawn to Rule 23(b) in this regard.
  4. Cancel this Local Notice To Mariners Wed 31st Dec 2014 (113 days)

Wednesday 01 Jan 2014

C Necker
Commander Royal Navy
Queen's Harbour Master