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Queen's Harbour Master Plymouth

LNTM No 010/20

PLNTM 010 Recreation Water Event Information Document





1.         This notice is issued for information by the Queens Harbour Master Plymouth


2.         There are increasing demands on the water space within the Dockyard Port both from the recreational fraternity and also the Naval and commercial users.  There is a need therefore to reconcile activities so that the water space can be safely enjoyed by all.


3.         In addition to The Water Events Diary and the Daily Movements signal available on QHM’s website ( ), a Water Event Information Document (WEID)  is available for recreational events on the waters of the Dockyard Port, particularly in those areas where there is the potential for interaction with other water space users.


4.         A “Water Event” is initially defined as, but is not limited to, an organised recreational activity on or in the water normally involving several participants.  Examples are, yacht racing, regattas, rallies or swimming events.  If there is any doubt consult Longroom Port Control Station (01752 836528/836490) from where the blank Information Documents are available, together with guidance on completion.


5.         The WEID is to be completed by organisers (or race officers) of recreational events to seaward of the Saltash and Laira Bridges, and inshore of these locations when they plan to pass to seaward of those bridges.  The WEID is designed as a working tool for both the organisers of events afloat and watch keepers manning the Port Control Stations.  It aims to resolve ambiguity in communication, thus promoting safety and helping reconcile the differing uses of the water space.


6.         The QHM needs to know of proposed recreational activities, how to contact organisers, and that organisers appreciate other constraints that there may be to their event, in order to discharge his responsibilities.  Organisers of recreational “water events” are reminded that they may be directed to arrange their event, race course, or plans so as to minimise the impact on shipping in the main or deep-water channels.  There is no intention of frustrating or inhibiting any legitimate use of the waters of the Dockyard Port.


7.         Where an event presents an increase in risk to port safety –  for example, above normal background levels, organisers will be invited to present their risk assessment to QHM before approval for the event is granted.  Risk assessments should encompass how the risks are to be mitigated and give details of the safety management system to be employed.  The Deputy Queen’s Harbour Master should be consulted early for details if required.


1st January 2020       








Plymouth Water Event Information Document


Serial: /20

(From Longroom)


Section A: General

1. Event


2. Date

3. Start



4. Estimated Finish


5. Organising Authority e.g. Club


6. Contact Telephone Number


7. Email Address


8. Race Officer/Organiser


9. Contact Number


10. Contact Afloat


11. Number of participants/competitors


12. This event is in the Water Events Diary (Yes or No)


Section B: Local Navigation Rules & Information

13. The Organiser/Race Officer is aware of the following parts of the Dockyard Port

of Plymouth Order 1999 and the need to comply with them:

a. Schedule 1 Regulations 1 & 8


b. Schedule 2 Rules 1, 2 & 7


14. All current Plymouth Local NTM have been read and are understood


15. The latest PLNTM sighted was:


Section C: Communications

16. A listening watch will be maintained on Ch 14 throughout the event.


Event/Safety Coordinator c/s

Race Officer c/s

Safety Vessel c/s





17. Longroom and Flag maintain a listening watch on Ch 14 (24/7)

Section D: Briefing

17. All participants have been fully briefed, especially regarding local rules


18. Safety boats have been fully briefed





Section E: Ephemeral

19. High Water


20. Low Water


21. Springs/Neaps


22. Sunrise/Sunset


Section H: Event Execution

23. The Water Events Diary has been checked. Where necessary organisers of concurrent events have been informed of intentions and our events reconciled.


24. Safety Boats



25. Courses:




26. Additional Information:




27. Event Completed & Water Clear:







Wednesday 01 Jan 2020

Queen's Harbour Master Plymouth