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Queen's Harbour Master Plymouth

LNTM No 004/20

PLNTM 004 MoD Police Marine Unit Information






1.         This notice is issued for information by the Queens Harbour Master, Plymouth.


2.         The water users in the Dockyard Port of Plymouth benefit from a significant marine police presence provided by the Ministry of Defence Police - Devonport Marine Unit.  This is almost without parallel in the rest of the United Kingdom.


3.         Mariners within the Dockyard Port of Plymouth should not take the support of the Devonport Marine Unit for granted.  Its primary purpose is to enhance the security of MoD property and to police the implementation of the Dockyard Port of Plymouth Order 1999.  Whilst ready to provide assistance when possible, the Unit is now being increasingly used as a general breakdown service by members of the marine public, to the detriment of the Unit’s primary purpose. Members of the marine public should not assume that a unit will be available or attend. If the Marine Police were not available, the RNLI lifeboat or a marina workboat would be needed to provide the necessary service.  Many incidents to which the Devonport Marine Unit are called, are preventable by owners or mariners possessing a minimum level of competence and taking reasonable care of their craft and their own safety.  Mariners should ensure the serviceability and seaworthiness of their craft including engines, lines, rigging and safety equipment.


4.         Additionally third party liability insurance cover should be held to cover unexpected incidents, injury and damage to other people and their property, and to cover the expenses of other parties involved in rendering assistance, including the removal of wrecked or damaged vessels from obstructing fairways and anchorages.


5.         The Ministry of Defence Police - Devonport Marine Unit operate the local Boat Watch scheme, QHM encourages all local boat owners to join the scheme. For further information telephone 01752 552686 and ask for the Boat Watch Co-ordinators.


6.         Although this PLNTM earnestly encourages mariners to take reasonable precautions and responsibility for their own safety, they should be also reassured that the MoD Police Devonport Marine Unit will render assistance to make safe those in genuine distress.


1st January 2020       





Wednesday 01 Jan 2020

Queen's Harbour Master Plymouth