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Queen's Harbour Master Plymouth

LNTM No 023/18

Berthing of Harbour Tour Craft in the Cattewater - Direction


1. This Notice is a direction by the Queens Harbour Master Plymouth and is issued pursuant to the Dockyard Port of Plymouth Order 1999 and promulgated by the Queen’s Harbour Master Plymouth on behalf of the Cattewater Harbour Commissioners and Plymouth City Council.

2. The Cattewater Harbour Commissioners and Plymouth City Council are required by their various Acts and Orders to ensure the safety of navigation and the berthing of vessels within the areas of the harbour under their respective jurisdiction.

3. In order to enhance the safety of navigation and to improve access to and from berths, slipways and channels of the harbour, the following measures are to be enforced.

a. Berthing of licensed tour vessels on Mayflower Steps and Phoenix Wharf have been suspended for an indefinite period.

b. Only Plymouth City Council licensed vessels may use the Barbican Landing Stage for the purpose of embarking and disembarking passengers andappropriate stores, occasionally mooring for longer periods will be permitted at the discretion of the City Pier Master, the Cattewater Harbour Master or their authorised representatives.

c. Vessels are to be properly secured alongside in a safe and seaman like fashion.

d. The skipper is to ensure that a stern lookout is in place and that the channel is reported clear before backing off from a berth. The correct sound signals are to be used at all times.

e. Baltic Wharf or the Cattewater Harbour Commissioners’ “Tall Ships” moorings, T1 and T2, may be used as layover berths. (Payment for the use of the Cattewater Harbour Commissioners’ moorings for this purpose will be covered by normal harbour dues).

4. This Notice shall not in any way restrict the powers of the Cattewater Harbour Commissioners, or the City Pier Master in the exercise of powers, duties or discretions exercisable by them in respect of areas falling under their respective jurisdictions.

5. This PLNTM replaces PLNTM 006/18 which has been cancelled.

Thursday 08 Feb 2018

Queen's Harbour Master Plymouth