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Queen's Harbour Master Plymouth

LNTM No 018/18

Dockyard Port of Plymouth - Direction - Bridge Manning in Vessels Over 25 Metres in Legth

1. This notice is a direction by the Queen’s Harbour Master Plymouth in exercise of powers conferred by the Dockyard Port of Plymouth Order 1999. 

2. The Master of every vessel over 25 metres in length, when navigating within the Dockyard Port of Plymouth, shall ensure that sufficient suitably qualified, experienced personnel are in attendance on the bridge to enable the safe passage of that vessel.

3.         In determining the necessary levels of manning, the following factors shall all be taken into account:

a.         The close proximity of navigational hazards and traffic levels experienced in the port;

b.         The requirement to maintain a proper and effective lookout appropriate to the prevailing circumstances and conditions;

c.         The ability to continuously monitor positional information.

4.         The bridge manning is to be sufficiently robust to ensure that the Master and/or Officer of the Watch has adequate additional spare capacity to respond effectively and immediately to machinery failure or any other emergency.

1st January 2018

Monday 01 Jan 2018

Queen's Harbour Master Plymouth