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Queen's Harbour Master Plymouth

LNTM No 016/18

PLNTM 016 King Point Marina - Millbay Inner Basin - Direction

1.         This notice is a direction by the Queen’s Harbour Master Plymouth pursuant to the Dockyard Port of Plymouth Order 1999. 

2.         The new King Point Marina facility in Millbay Inner basin opened on the 1 September 2013.  The entrance to the Marina basin is marked as follows:

Port side of the entrance 50 21 54’.85N  004 09’20.18W         Fl.R 2.5s

Stbd side of the entrance 50 21 54’.32N 004 09’18.40W         Fl.G 2.5s

3.         A wave gate has been installed to protect the Marina in bad weather and will be closed when required, preventing both access to and egress from the Marina Basin. Whilst the Marina is open to vessels entering and leaving three vertical fixed Green lights will be permanently displayed on the West side of the entrance,

North facing at Lat 50 21 56.31N  Long 004 09’ 21.19W

South facing at Lat 50 21 54 85N Long 004 09’ 20.18W

4.         During periods of closure these lights will be replaced by three vertical fixed Red Lights in the same position.  When the wave gate is closed the area will also be illuminated by flood lights.  Vessels are not to attempt to enter or depart King Point Marina when three vertical fixed Red lights are displayed.

5.         King Point Marina is remotely operated by Sutton Harbour Lock Control.  All vessels are to contact Sutton Harbour Lock for clearance prior to entering or leaving King Point Marina to avoid conflict with other marine traffic using Millbay Docks.

Contact details for Sutton Lock:

VHF Channel 12

Tel: 01752 204732

1st January 2018

Monday 01 Jan 2018

Commander Royal Navy
Queen's Harbour Master Plymouth