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Queen's Harbour Master Plymouth

LNTM No 012/18

HM Naval Base - Weston Mill Lake - Direction

1. This notice is a direction by the Queen’s Harbour Master Plymouth and is issued pursuant to the Dockyard Port of Plymouth Order 1999, Schedule I, Regulations 1 and 11 and Schedule 2, Rule 10 for the purposes of the proper protection of Her Majesty’s vessels and the dockyard, in particular, the promotion and enhancement of safety and security, and to ensure the safe navigation of naval vessels and other naval purposes.

2. All masters of every merchant or private vessel are prohibited from causing or permitting a vessel to enter into or remain in the area within Weston Mill Lake to the east of a line joining the western end of 16 Wharf Lifting Berth (50 23.53N 004 11.68W) and North West Corner (50 23.40N 004 11.58W) in HM Naval Base Devonport.

3. Military and MoD vessels authorised to operate within Weston Mill Lake shall not exceed a speed of 6 knots through the water.  Additionally, the area is not to be used by Service recreational craft such as kayaks, paddle boards, rowing boats or sailing dinghies.  Service yachts moving to and from their berth are to proceed under power.   

4. Mariners are reminded that the restrictions found in Regulation 4 of the Dockyard Port of Plymouth Order 1999 remain in force

1st January 2018

Monday 01 Jan 2018

Queen's Harbour Master Plymouth