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Queen's Harbour Master Plymouth

LNTM No 009/18

Landing on Plymouth Breakwater - Direction

1. This notice is a direction by the Queens Harbour Master Plymouth in exercise of powers conferred by the Dockyard Port of Plymouth Order 1999.

2. Plymouth Breakwater is Ministry of Defence property and unauthorised landing thereon is not permitted.  No person may at any time land upon Plymouth Breakwater save with a licence in writing of the Queen’s Harbour Master Plymouth and in accordance with any conditions attached thereto.

3. At certain states of the tide Plymouth Breakwater floods and large waves can cascade over and engulf the structure with little or no warning.  For reasons of safety, access to Plymouth Breakwater is therefore closely controlled, being subject to indemnity paperwork being completed beforehand, and only when tidal and weather conditions allow.  In order that formalities can be completed, requests to land on Plymouth Breakwater are to be submitted well in advance, in writing to the Queen’s Harbour Master Plymouth at Longroom Port Control Station, Stonehouse Barracks, Stonehouse, Plymouth, PL1 3RT.

4. Barbecues, alcohol and the lighting of fires are not permitted on Plymouth Breakwater.

5. Other than for operational reasons or in exceptional circumstances such as aircraft emergencies, helicopters will not be authorised to land on Plymouth Breakwater.

1st January 2018

Monday 01 Jan 2018

Queen's Harbour Master Plymouth