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Queen's Harbour Master Plymouth

LNTM No 008/18

Sutton Harbour Lock and Tidal Defence Barrier - Information

1.         This notice is issued for information by the Queens Harbour Master Plymouth

2.         The Sutton Harbour lock and tidal defence barrier, and the emergency stop log gate situated immediately to the west of the lock, have a maximum width of 12 metres.  Entry and exit is controlled by a system of traffic light signals displayed both by day and night from masts at the north and south ends of the lock.  These lights are disposed vertically and have the following meanings:

  3 fixed red lights:         Do not proceed.

3 fixed green lights:     Proceed with caution at slow speed. 

3.         Transit through the lock is controlled by the Lock Master  Vessels requiring transit should contact Sutton Harbour Control on VHF channel 12 or by telephone 01752 204732.

4.         Mariners entering and departing Sutton Harbour are to proceed with caution, at slow speed and avoid creating excessive wash and interference with other craft.

5.         In the interests of flood prevention Sutton Lock is closed when the flood tide reaches a height of 5.7 metres above chart datum and remains closed until the tidal height recedes to 5.6 metres above chart datum.  During this closed period all movements to and from Sutton Harbour are suspended.

1st January 2018

Monday 01 Jan 2018

Queen's Harbour Master Plymouth