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Speed Limits


Within the limits of the Rhu Narrows Restricted Channel; the Faslane Restricted Area; the Coulport Restricted Area and the Coulport Fishing Exclusion Zone, the speed of any vessel shall not exceed seven knots through the water unless a speed in excess of seven knots is essential for the safety of navigation.

Elsewhere within the dockyard port, no vessel shall exceed twelve knots through the water.

Safe Speed

Mariners are also reminded of the importance in proceeding at a safe speed at all times as defined in Rule 6 of the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREGS). In particular, when determining a safe speed, special consideration must be given to small boats. These small vessels could have combined lanterns which may be difficult to pick out against the background lighting, and they may not be detected by vessels with radar at adequate range.


The above speed limits do not apply for certain operational military and Police craft in the course of their duties as specifically authorised by QHM.   Any person requiring to exceed the above speed limits for specific reasons should apply to the Queen’s Harbour Master for a licence.