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Port Closures

When it is necessary to move submarines or large vessels to or from the Dockyard Port it becomes necessary to prescribe additional restrictions to those, which operate within a Port normally. These restrictions are contained fully within the “Clyde Dockyard Ports of Gareloch and Loch Long Act 2011” (also contained within Appendix IV to the Admiralty Sailing Directions (West Coast of Scotland Pilot).

When the following signals are displayed, no vessels shall enter the waters of the area concerned. Any vessel within the area whether underway or at anchor must leave immediately. The areas and signals are displayed on Admiralty Charts.

Limits of the Dockyard Ports

The chartlet above show the approximate positions of the restricted areas. Accurate positions are on the relevant admiralty charts. The speed limits are shown also. The blue lines show the southerly limit of the dockyard ports of Loch Long and Gareloch. Essentially all the water north of this line within the loch is under the jurisdiction of the Queen’s Harbour Master.

Regardless of port closures or other activity, it is recommended that all vessels call QHM Clyde on VHF Ch 73 when approaching the Dockyard Port to inform the Harbour Controller of their intentions. This will allow the vessel to be fully informed of activity in the area. All vessels in the area will be tracked by the Harbour radar and monitored by the MOD police vessels, which form part of the security provision for the Harbour.

Faslane & Coulport

Gareloch & Loch Long

Loch Goil

Rhu Narrows