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Queen's Harbour Master Clyde


Glen Mallan Jetty Restricted Area


  1. The Clyde Dockyard Port of Gareloch and Loch Long Order 2011


1.         Mariners are advised that the Queen’s Harbour Master (QHM) Clyde has made the following General Direction under the Clyde Dockyard Port of Gareloch and Loch Long Order 2011. 2. Reference A provides that the master of every vessel and every other person within the limits of the Dockyard Port of Gareloch and Loch Long shall comply with any direction given by the QHM for the purposes of the proper protection of the dockyard port, Her Majesty’s vessels, dockyards or property, or for the requirements of Her Majesty’s naval service.

Restricted Area

2.         The ammunitioning jetty at Glen Mallan in Loch Long requires safety arrangements during the loading and unloading of ammunition onto a vessel berthed at the jetty to protect the vessel at the jetty, as well as any passing vessels and members of the public who are in the vicinity at that time. To ensure that safety arrangements are in place to mitigate the risk of collision and any risk to the public during ammunitioning operations at the Glen Mallan jetty, QHM may activate the Restricted Area defined at paragraph 4(a) below on a temporary basis.

3.         The restricted area will be: -

a. At a radius of 500m from the centre of Glen Mallan jetty extending from the shore to the north of the jetty around to the shore to the south of the jetty, including any slipway which provides public access to port waters.



4.         No person or vessel may enter, pass through or remain in the Restricted Area when the Restricted Area has been activated, except with the permission of the QHM.

Temporary activation of Restricted Area

5.            Temporary activation of the Restricted Area will be indicated by 3 fixed green lights on the southern end of Glen Mallan jetty and on the safety tug that is present in the area.


6.            The Ministry of Defence Police Launch in Loch Long will monitor the area to ensure that passing traffic complies with this direction.  Non-compliance with this direction will be regarded as a breach of the Clyde Dockyard Port of Gareloch and Loch Long Order 2011.

7.         This General Direction will be reviewed by 10 Jan 21.


Queen's Harbour Master

Renown Building
HM Naval Base, Clyde.


Thursday 09 Jan 2020

C D Lightfoot OBE MSM AFNI
Queen's Harbour Master
Clyde Dockyard Port