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Queen's Harbour Master Clyde


Active Towing of Tankers in Dockyard Port

1.         Mariners are advised that the Queen’s Harbour Master Clyde has made the following General Direction under the Clyde Dockyard Port of Gareloch and Loch Long Order 2011.

2.         All Crude Tankers proceeding to or from Finnart Ocean Terminal Jetty 3 shall use an active escort tug between the Finnart Jetty and South of the MOD floating jetty (EHJ) facility. Active escort means the tug is made fast centre lead aft and when combined with a speed of 7 knots or less enables the tug to use transverse arrest and / or direct arrest to stop or reduce speed on the tanker in a safe manner. For all product tankers, active escort is at the discretion of the pilot.

3.             Any Tanker proceeding to or from the Gareloch shall use an active escort tug. The active escort tug should be secured prior to entering Rhu Restricted Channel and the Restricted Area will be closed during the transit.

4.         This General Direction will be reviewed by 10 Jan 21.


Queen's Harbour Master

Renown Building
HM Naval Base, Clyde.

Thursday 09 Jan 2020

Queen's Harbour Master