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Explosives Safety

Fishing Vessels

If a suspect explosive item is picked up do not land it on deck and, if possible lay it in approximately 10m/33ft/5.5fm. If this depth cannot be achieved more than 1000m away from any buildings on the foreshore, lay the item in up to 20m/66ft/11fm, clear of shipping routes and fishing grounds. Report its position as accurately as possible (i.e. GPS), depth and marking float details to HM Coastguard. Further guidance is available in Annual Notice to Mariners No 6.

Sports Divers/Members of the Public

DO NOT TOUCH any suspect item. Dial 999 and ask for HM Coastguard or Police. Harbour Control or a Police Launch if in the vicinity should also be contacted on VHF Channel 73 in the event of finding suspected practice ordnance.

Copies of an advice poster available from: 
HM Naval Base Clyde,
G84 8HL.

Tel: 01436 674321 Ext: 6510