One team, one identity

We are a highly functioning team that includes front line forces capable of going anywhere. Seaborne strength and submarine stealth. Logistical and emotional support that keeps us effective – and the thousands of reinforcements that swell our ranks. 
Whether in the Royal Navy, the Royal Marines, the Royal Fleet Auxiliary, the Royal Marines Band Service, the Royal Naval Reserves or Royal Marines Reserves. Day in, day out, every single person is vital to the smooth running and success of our missions.

Our Capability

Much is said about the Royal Navy’s incredible kit. But even more should be said about the highly talented people that make it all happen. Ready to discover their diverse skills and capabilities?

Multiple Disciplines

To operate in all environments, no matter what the conditions or circumstances requires some of the most specialised skills and disciplines imaginable. And some incredible teamwork. Explore how these elements come together.

Extreme Environments

In all climates, on different vessels and testing terrains… The Royal Navy’s people thrive in some of the most extraordinary environments.