Multiple disciplines

The Royal Navy is a multi-disciplinary team whose purpose is to meet the needs of our people, maintain our equipment to keep it in peak condition and help us meet the demands of the environments we operate in. This is why it takes everything from engineers, comms specialists, doctors, chefs, accountants, chaplains, pilots, meteorologists, mine clearance divers and elite fighting forces to be successful in war- and peacetime missions.  


Knowing how to motivate your team, keeping them safe, leading by example and making critical decisions during combat and peacetime missions is a big responsibility. It takes special skill that, with the right training, comes as second nature to our Officers.


It permeates the whole Royal Navy. It’s essential to our effectiveness. From jobs and roles, like aircraft handlers and chefs, to entire arms like the RFA, the success of every Royal Navy mission hinges on seamless teamwork. 

Navigating Officers

Some say it’s an art. Our Warfare and Navigation Officers would say knowing how to be in command of your ship’s instruments is essential for a life lived at sea, where teams and missions depend on your knowledge.


From helicopters, entire destroyers and nuclear reactors. To ballistic missiles and other assault weapons. The Royal Navy operates some of the world’s most specialist equipment. Maintaining them in peak condition is an entire fleet of specially trained engineers.


Doctors, nurses and dentists. Radiologists and orthopaedic specialists and plastic surgeons. The medical skills in the Royal Navy have a direct impact on morale and the Royal Navy’s overall fighting effectiveness – whether ashore, or on board our ships and submarines.


From the Civic Military Cooperation Royal Marine Reserve specialists to defence attachés, building and strengthening links with local communities and our allies is central to the Royal Navy’s function.

Support and Replenishment

Supporting our people both emotionally, physically and practically involves everyone from chaplains to logistics staff, chefs and the musicians of the Royal Marine Band Service. To the RFA, the Royal Naval and Royal Marines Reserves.

Information and Intelligence

Commandos and communications specialists are adept at gathering vital intelligence. While image analysts and photographers help us collect and analyse data, allowing us to be more effective in our missions.

Elite Fighting

Surviving and thriving as a Royal Marine across all terrains is no easy feat. That’s why we specialise in disciplines that take us up a level – like mountain leadership, heavy weapons anti-tank, or assault engineering.

Continuing Professional Development

Initial training is just the start. Some roles train to keep everyone else on their toes. From Drill, Platoon Weapons and Physical Training instructors, to our Training Management Officers responsible for the ongoing development of our people.


Keeping our equipment in top condition isn’t always about the state of the art kit. Working to keep our edge sharp are metalsmiths, vehicle mechanics, military transport personnel and a host of engineers across the five arms.


Keeping our people, our equipment, the environment we operate in and the nation secure is a big job. Fire fighters, military police, mine clearance divers, mine warfare specialists. In fact, protection is what the Royal Navy embodies.


An effective aviation arm requires a host of specialist aviation skills. From air traffic controllers to aircrewmen and pilots. To engineers tasked with looking after our helicopters.


Catering Services

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Catering Services (Submariner)

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Engineering Technician (Marine Engineering)

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Engineering Technician (Marine Engineering) (Submariner)

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Systems Engineer Officer (RFA)

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Air Engineer Officer

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Ex-regular Reserve

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Weapon Engineer Officer

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Deck Officer (RFA)

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Our Capability

Much is said about the Royal Navy’s incredible kit. But even more should be said about the highly talented people that make it all happen. Ready to discover their diverse skills and capabilities?

One Team, One Identity

The Royal Navy is a complex and well-oiled machine with many parts and one purpose. To protect the nation’s interests. Making it happen are 30,000 highly skilled men and women across our five arms – the Surface Fleet, the Submarine Service, the Fleet Air Arm, the Royal Marines and the Royal Fleet Auxiliary.

Extreme Environments

In all climates, on different vessels and testing terrains… The Royal Navy’s people thrive in some of the most extraordinary environments.