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The most extreme environments on earth

The Royal Navy survives – and thrives – in the most extreme environments in the world. From the ice floes of the Antarctic to deserts where temperatures top 50°C, we’re ready for action.

Expertise in extreme environments

In an emergency

The Royal Navy is used to making things happen in the world’s most extreme environments. Our resourcefulness and practical capability is regularly put to the test providing humanitarian relief, restoring infrastructure, distributing supplies and helping communities find their feet after both man-made and natural disasters.


Forces personnel helped following Hurricane Irma


Litres of safe drinking water supplied


Tonnes of aid distributed

Expertise in extreme environments

In the desert

The heat of the day. The cold of the night. Staying effective with scarce water in a demanding environment is no easy feat – unless you’ve been trained in desert warfare like the Royal Marines. This unstoppable force is ready for anything.

Expertise in extreme environments

In less-charted waters

The British Antarctic Territory is the UK’s largest Overseas Territory. And we’re right there, patrolling, protecting and providing a reassuring presence in the coldest place on earth. Though the Royal Marines are on hand 24/7/365, our main priority is data gathering.

Petty Officer Reece
Northern Diving Group

I’m one of a handful of people to have dived in the Antarctic. The visibility is unbelievable… and yes, it’s pretty chilly! I never thought I’d get this experience when I signed up, but I’m incredibly proud to protect such a unique marine environment.

Lieutenant Picket
Royal Marines Commando

From training on Dartmoor to exercises in the desert, it’s a shock to the system. But that’s what exercises are all about; making sure we’re physically and mentally prepared for the task, wherever the UK needs us.

Captain Stephen Norris RFA
Mounts Bay’s Commanding Officer

To witness the level of destruction wrought by Hurricane Irma was truly shocking and humbling. Faced with the herculean task of attending several devastated islands has been immense and I can only praise the professionalism and tireless dedication of everyone onboard.

Royal Marines

These elite amphibious troops are among the most renowned – and feared – fighting forces in the world. Since 1664, only the toughest have earned the right to wear the Green Beret. The Royal Marines – it’s a state of mind.

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Antarctic patrol

HMS Protector deployed on Antarctic Patrol from home base Davenport in 2015, and will be sailing the frozen waters until 2020.

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