Phoenix Damage Repair Instructional Unit Training Activities

The DRIU is sited at the Phoenix NBCD School HMS Excellent and was built in 1993. The new unit simulates flooding damage to a ship and provides essential Damage Control training for new entry recruits right through to advanced courses.

Trainees are expected to perform under stressful, demanding conditions but safely complete the training with confidence in the equipment, organisation and procedures. Students also realise just how difficult it is to undertake tasks in cold water or when the 'ship' is rocking around. Each exercise consists of a student safety briefing, instruction and tour of the unit followed by the practical training run with the actual exercise in the water lasting approximately 45 minutes. Two groups are trained daily with up to 24 personnel on each run- over 9000 students per year!

Additional Naval Training includes Ship Team Training (STT) where personnel can carry out the specific roles they are assigned to on their own ship. Visitors include other military services, Merchant and other foreign Navies, Local Area Fire Brigades, Marine fire Officers, schools and potential recruits. Corporate business or other organisations can also use the unit for training or team building exercises through an income generation partnership with Flagship Limited.

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Phoenix Damage Repair Instructional Unit



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