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The Naval Chaplaincy Service is a community of clergy and associates from a variety of denominations, dedicated to giving pastoral care and spiritual and moral leadership to the men and women of the Naval Service and their dependants.

Chaplains work closely together in Christian unity and so their patterns of worship will reflect the particular circumstances in which they find themselves, the needs of the individuals to whom they minister and the direction of their Sending Churches.

Chaplains assist Commanding Officers in fulfilling their responsibility to pastorally care for their people. Chaplains are uniquely able to connect with RN Personnel at the heart of their working lives, exercising pastoral care in all kinds of places and in times of peace and times of conflict. They also play an integral part in giving support to the families of RN personnel.

Chaplains also play an important role in assisting the Royal Navy to explore the moral dimension of military action. 

Location Navy Command HQ

Chaplaincy Service

Providing Pastoral Care

and Moral and Spiritual Support for:

Royal Navy,
Royal Marines,
Royal Navy Reserves,
Royal Fleet Auxiliary
and their families.

CTCRM Lympstone

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Naval Base pauses for Remembrance Service

Naval Base pauses for Remembrance Service


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